Stay Saucy Hot Sauce

The concept behind this project was to create our own hot sauce brand. I wanted to express heat with different peppers as well as the look of the label. As the hot sauce gets hotter, the labels get more scorched. The hints of watercolor visually tie back to the splash and spice of the hot sauce product. The rustic type face gives the labels and message a more authentic, hand crafted touch.

Mild Hot Sauce

The mild salsa is meant for beginners. With a slight kick to it, its a great way to illuminate your taste buds. This label has the least amount of scorch to it to show visually there is less heat coming from this sauce.

Medium Hot Sauce

The medium hot sauce is for those who like just the right amount of spice with their meals. As we progress through the stages of heat, you can see the label becoming more distressed with custom burnt marks.

Hottest Sauce

Finally, we get to the hottest of the Stay Saucy sauces. This one is not for the faint of heart. With the most scorch on the label and the fiery red pepper in front, this label displays the heat you would be experiencing while eating it.