The primary aim behind the inception of ZAZA THC entailed the discernment of the brand’s target demographic, the cultivation of its distinctive “trap” tonality, and the delineation of its niche within the Los Angeles hemp market. This endeavor sought to craft a digital platform that authentically mirrored the brand’s singular persona and diverse product range, achieved through strategic resolution of intricacies inherent in the delta sector.


By conducting thorough competitor analysis, delving into demographic insights, and meticulously delineating the brand’s guiding principles, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive style guide and strategic roadmap that seamlessly resonated with the essence and aspirations of the brand. Leveraging ZAZA’s rich repository of compelling content facilitated the seamless construction of a website imbued with distinct personality, thereby catalyzing a notable uptick in sales and firmly establishing ZAZA as a vanguard within the cannabinoid domain.