Jess Caste Photography


Crafting Jess Caste Photography’s website posed the challenge of standing out in a crowded wedding photography market. Beyond showcasing her skill, the goal was to infuse the site with Jess’s personality and her talent for making clients feel at ease. The design needed to strike a balance, capturing not just breathtaking images but also the warmth clients experience with Jess. It wasn’t just about creating a website; it was about crafting an immersive digital experience that sets Jess Caste apart in a sea of competitors.


In tackling the design challenges for Jess Caste Photography, our mission was clear: we weren’t just crafting a brand; we were sculpting an extension of Jess herself. Understanding that her infectious personality was as integral as her photography style, we envisioned her logo as a script typeface, like a personalized signature. This not only added a touch of familiarity but instantly radiated a vibe of approachability and fun. The style guide, inspired by the richness of her outdoor shoots, became a canvas for expression. Earth-tone warm and cool colors danced across the palette, mirroring the diverse landscapes of her work. We jazzed it up further with a mix of bold serifs, a dash of minimal modern sans-serif, and a sprinkle of cursive script – a visual medley that echoed the vivacity and charm that define Jess. This wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about ensuring every visual element resonated with the genuine warmth and joy she brings to her photography and interactions.