Encompass Expert


Encompass Expert brought a dual challenge to our design table as they sought to establish themselves as industry authorities in Mortgage Technology while fostering a personal connection. The task at hand involved crafting a brand and website that not only conveyed their expertise in the field but also integrated a personal touch, aiming to become more than just a service provider but a valued team member.


In addressing Encompass Expert’s design challenges, we curated a solution that seamlessly blended tech-forward aesthetics with a personal touch. The branding and logo adopted shades of tech-forward blues and gradients, exuding a contemporary vibe. The incorporation of a soft and sophisticated logo complemented the company’s name, adding a human touch to the tech prowess. To maintain the friendly feel, the website embraced a minimalistic and bright design, ensuring user-friendliness. The result is a visual and digital identity that strikes the perfect balance, portraying Encompass Expert as both a cutting-edge industry authority and a personable team member.