Chapman Crafted Beer


Tackling Chapman Crafted’s design challenges was like navigating through a creative maze. The issues? Brand inconsistency and organizational chaos. Their visual identity lacked cohesion, and there was a clear need for a streamlined process for consistent beer packaging designs and marketing collateral. We aimed not just for aesthetics but a strategic revamp, weaving a seamless visual language that harmonized with Chapman Crafted’s craftsmanship and organized their brand story efficiently.


To unravel Chapman Crafted’s design challenges, we implemented a structured system that transformed chaos into cohesion. Timelines for packaging became our compass, and we established an organized workflow ensuring every deadline was not just met but surpassed. Introducing templatized designs was our secret sauce, guaranteeing each beer packaging output maintained a consistent visual language. The templates not only streamlined the design process but also acted as guardians of brand integrity, making certain that every label, box, and promotional material adhered to Chapman Crafted’s distinct aesthetic. The result? A harmonized and efficient approach, where creativity met consistency, ensuring each beer told its unique story while contributing to a unified and impactful brand narrative.