CSULB Class Demo


An app designed in Sketch & Principle for a few demonstration classes done in the UI/UX class at California State University of Long Beach.

In January 2019, a past CSULB UI/UX instructor, Sam Anvari, reached out and asked me to come and give a demonstration on prototyping with Sketch and Principle. When I was in their shoes a semester prior, he recommended that we learn these two apps for our upcoming projects, and I took that as a challenge and thus taught myself how to become proficient in Sketch and Principle. So I created this demo app as a way for students to follow, deconstruct, and hopefully fall in love with the capabilities offered by these two apps, much like I did. The project files can be downloaded here, for anyone interested in learning Sketch or Principle themselves!


I referenced this during my presentation to give an example of the workflow during this demo app and subsequently a more complex workflow such as my PadLock Total Home Control App. I hoped to give the students and idea of a end result visual of why keeping things organized is so important from the beginning.


Yet another intimidating and overly complicated display of workflows, but showcasing the intricacy allowed from working with Sketch and Principle together. Execution of more complex screens and animations can only be done with thorough foresight and strict organization hierarchies.